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  The Green Niqabi, Melanie
Culturally: African born in the DMV. Southern Black Bapti-costal/Church of God in Christ with Kemetic Science influences. Theologically: Muslim.
Spiritually: All of the above wherein all things point to the oneness of God and that which deviates is negated. 
Ethically: Vegan but not while ignoring the injustices of Black and Brown bodies worldwide. Humans first, environment simultaneously, animals last.
Roles Played in Real Life: Mom, Bonus Mom, Wife, Teacher, Originator of this here blog and sometimes, I moonlight as a singer and African dancer in the living room soundstage.

Adam, the Akh
Culturally: African born in Oakland, California. Square but 'bout dat action, Church adjacent, recovering Hotep.
Theologically and Spiritually: Muslim.
Ethically: Plant-based and Zabihah, following the example of Prophet Muhammad saws.
Roles Played in Real Life: Dad, Bonus Dad, Zawj/Husband, Teacher, and Writer. He's been known to throw a couple of bars together and he edits this here blog.
 Why Green: Is green my favorite color? Not quite but it's on the long list of favorites. But as all art majors know, there is a psychology to color theory. The phrase 'being green' comes to mind when describing myself because I'm smart but sometimes I am lost in the sauce and it takes some explaining for me to know what's happening right in front of me. I am dope but slightly naive, thus green. But as I gather knowledge and understanding, I've been able to be ...less green. Green is a cool color. Its opposite is red which is a warm color. I want all my accounts, relationships, and the environment to remain 'in the green'. I need all the things around me to grow, flourish, and be cool; like the color green. 


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